1. Shooting can only take place in the presence of the shooting leader. The leader of the shooting is a certified instructor or coach, and during the competition - a certified judge.
2. The leader of the shooting is responsible for the strict observance of the safety rules of the shooting technique.
3. Compliance with safety equipment rules applies to everyone who is on the territory of the shooting complex.
4. It is categorically forbidden to use a weapon for persons under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drug substances, as well as psychotropic substances. It is also forbidden to use a weapon in case of feeling unwell. If the shooting leader suspects the existence of the above-mentioned factors, he has the right to refuse to participate in the shooting process.
5. Weapons that have been removed from the cover and assembled may only be moved around the shooting range and the shooting range area in an open manner. For semi-automatic weapons: the barrel must be pointing up only, the bolt must be open.
6. It is categorically forbidden to touch someone else's weapon without the owner's permission.
7. All weapons must be without straps when on the shooting range.
8. It is not acceptable to leave your weapon and cartridges unattended. The shooting range administration is not responsible for any loss or damage.
9. Shooters may come to the firing line only upon the invitation of the firing leader, while the others must be outside the firing line.
10. When arriving at the shooting range, shooters must wear ear protection, which is mandatory during shooting. Ear protectors must also be worn by other visitors to the shooting range. The shooting leader has the right not to allow shooters who lack the mentioned equipment to the shooting.
11. The weapon may be loaded only at the shooting location before the shots are fired, but the barrels must be pointed only in the direction of shooting.
12. After shooting, the weapon must be opened immediately, but if necessary, the unused cartridge must be removed.
13. In case of a low-quality cartridge, the weapon may be opened no sooner than after 5 seconds.
14. The shooter, while waiting for his turn to shoot, must have his weapon open, and it is forbidden to aim or shoot at another's target. Under the supervision of an instructor, a shooter can simulate a shot at a target with an unloaded weapon.
15. If a person or animal appears in the shooting area, the shooting must be stopped immediately and the weapons must be unloaded.
16. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the shooting leader has the right to stop shooting, but shooters must immediately remove cartridges from their weapons and remain in their places until the next order of the shooting leader.
17. For non-observance of safety equipment and failure to comply with the orders of the shooting manager in a timely manner, which refer to the rules of safety equipment, the shooter may be denied the opportunity to participate in the shooting process.
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